I’d always planned to start up the blog once I finished putting together my little home Gin bar, especially as I decided to brand both with the name Ginteresting Times.  After a few months of playing about, starting painting, getting a decorator in, drilling holes in lots of shelves for lights and various other things, the bar is finally finished!  It’s been a bit of a pet project, so I thought it might be apt just to make my first post on the site with some pictures of the finished article.  

I had a couple of custom bar runners done as above because I’m a sucker for sticking a logo on something.  Found a seller on Amazon called L&S Print Foam Designs who took the custom logo and printed up the bar runner – £12.50 delivered which I still think is a steal.

The cupboards are Billy Bookshelves from Ikea.  Their standard dark blue ones, which they seem to have now swapped out for dark red on their web site.  Fingers crossed I won’t be needing an extra one, or a replacement.

The units weren’t originally lit so I bought some LED lighting strips from Amazon and cut a length to run along each shelf.  After that I drilled a hole for each and run the wire out of the back to a series of little LED strip junction boxes.  May eventually hook them up to the home automation with one of these.

The Bar is from Homebar Mancave and came with the lights etc all built in.

Below is Version 3 of the Botanical Tasting Wheel from the fine gents at Gin Foundry.  The Wheel “Was designed with the identification and articulation of flavours in mind”.  You can follow it from the inside out, starting with, for instance, Citrusy, which will then lead you out to Sour or Zesty and finally you realise you’re tasting Yuzu.. perhaps.  Very cleverly, the wheel also goes in the order that the flavours tend to hit your tongue.  Really interesting to look over when you’re tasting something and are a bit stuck for what it is you’re picking up – well worth a look at.

Overall, pet project complete and I’m really happy with the outcome – bit of a proud dad moment.  Now just to try and decide how many people are going to invite themselves over… I’m thinking perhaps I need to institute a “Bring a bottle” policy?  At any rate, no excuses for not posting on here now, time to start some writing.


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